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Termite Treatments, Bait or Barrier?

Home ownership is probably the biggest investment we will ever make, so doesn't your home deserve strong protection from wood destroying pests like termites? There are two main treatment strategies for termites, but it can sometimes be hard for homeowners to tell which is best for their home so today we'll be doing our best to explain both methods.

Trelona baits offer a 24/7 protection 365 days a year

Termite baits can accomplish two goals at once, as they kill termite colonies foraging near your home, and can offer a reliable monitoring strategy to keep an eye on where termites are most active in your yard. While some bait stations require swapping edible baits out for insecticides AFTER termite activity has started, we use annual bait stations which offer immediate and around the clock protection, because the bait doubles as a slow-acting termiticide there is no reason to wait for activity before treatment.

The more traditional treatment option is the creation of a chemical barrier around the home with a liquid termiticide. This treatment is an excellent remedy for already present termite activity, as workers will track through the non-repellant insecticide and bring it back to their nest. While this is an effective remedial treatment, it offers no way to monitor termite activity around your home until mud tubes are visible on the foundation or reproductives (alates) are flying around your home.

After Harvey, many homes have gained moisture content in their framing, creating better conditions that termites seek out for feeding. If you have concerns about termite activity, feel free to call, text, or email us so we can get you started on a preventative plan!

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