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Let Us Bring You a Pest-Free 2019

We're excited at EntoSmart, a new year brings new opportunities to bring our brand of pest control to The Woodlands. Our strategies are less dependent on excessive spraying, and more focused on finding and treating the root causes of pests on your property. Our mentality of seeking causes rather than treating symptoms leads to better results for our customers, our careful application of insecticides allows for more targeted treatments than blanket spraying, and an IPM-based approach means better exclusion from pests inside your home.

Keep a look out this Spring for our mosquito program using the In2Care mosquito control system. The In2Care system takes advantage of mosquito breeding behavior to kill mosquitoes at their source without the use of fogging equipment. By reducing fogging treatments and using the targeted treatment of the In2Care system you reduce risk to local pollinators like honeybees, solitary bees, and butterflies. Because of the mild winter this year, we are expecting the mosquito season to start as early as February, and will be moving our treatment schedules to reflect that.

To learn more about our residential pest services or mosquito control programs pleas give us a call or text at 281-607-0297 or email

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