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"It's Winter, Why Do I Need Pest Control?"

Homeowners often find themselves asking this question as temperatures drop and we stop seeing the mosquitoes buzzing about in the evenings. But just because you aren't seeing insects flying through the breeze, doesn't mean your home and yard are free from pests. Here are some of the more common pests to keep a look out for during this holiday season, don't let your warm home turn into a vacation destination for pests!

ANTS: Because of their subterranean nests, many species of ants have few issues surviving our winter climate. However, with plants and smaller insects going into dormancy, many ants need to find new areas for forage, and your pantry fills every need on their wishlist! When you find trails of ants in your home it's important to treat them in a manner which will kill off the queen and the nest, otherwise the ants will simply find a new entryway or food source and the cycle repeats itself.

SPIDERS: With so many of the smaller terrestrial insects moving inside to get out of our cold and wet weather, other arthropod predators follow suit to maintain a stable food source. Spiders, while great at killing insects, are typically unwelcome in homes due to their frightening appearance and tendency to give uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous bites. Keeping your home treated not only directly kills off spiders, but also makes it a less appealing habitat by killing off their food sources, the aforementioned smaller insects fleeing cold weather.

RATS & MICE: These commensal scavengers tend to get the most attention, and for good reason. As carriers of disease like hantavirus, and often carriers of fleas, rodents are unwelcome guests in any home. As temperature get colder, rats and mice run into similar issues as spiders, their food supply outdoors tends to shrink, and the homes that surround them seem more and more appealing. Often finding entry through gaps in rooflines or poorly filled holes where HVAC lines enter homes, rodents have no issues living in attics and are commonly heard scratching and gnawing in the night. Capable of damaging wires and sometimes even water lines, rodents should be a high priority for homeowners!

As with all pests, we have strategies for treatment. If you find yourself worried in winter, or are the type who likes to think ahead with preventative strategies, give us a text or call at (281)607-0297 and schedule a free inspection today!

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