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EntoSmart begins offering In2Care Mosquito Traps

We are excited to now be offering a superior mosquito solution for our customers. The In2Care Mosquito System represents a cost effective and eco-conscious way to significantly reduce the number of mosquitos on your property.

In contrast to mosquito mist systems, this system is not sensitive to windy conditions, which means no drift! This system can not harm your plants or contaminate your garden, and does not kill beneficial bees or butterflies. No more running for cover when the mister goes off!

It uses the mosquito's natural desire to breed to kill off biting females, their larvae, and infect otherwise impossible to reach breeding areas. In a very short period of time, you will notice a huge reduction in mosquito activity.

These discreet traps install quickly and easily, with no unsightly mounts or damage to your home. We inspect and refill them every month to insure your yard stays mosquito free year round.

Call or Text us today at 281.607.0297 to set up your free estimate!

Small and easy to conceal, with no need for unsightly sprayer nozzles!

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