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Drift, what is it and why does it matter?

Pesticide drift, it's something technicians hear about every year as we go through our continuing education courses. But what does it mean to the public? Drift refers to the travel of pesticides away from the targeted treatment area, and can be seen firsthand if you watch a spray-based application on a windy day. When drift happens, we run the risks of pesticides impacting non-target insects, most importantly our local pollinators visiting flowers in your yard. Mosquito misting systems programmed to go off once or twice a day can't account for wind speed. Once these systems go off it's up to the weather that day to determine if those droplets are going to land in a mosquito habitat, or on the crepe myrtle in bloom being visited by honeybees!

There's a smarter choice for mosquito control, the In2Care system is a spray-free treatment that isn't going to be effected by windy days. The active ingredients are all inside the system itself, and are picked up by mosquitoes that visit thinking they've found an ideal breeding habitat. Once mosquitoes enter the In2Care system they carry these active ingredients to other breeding sites around your yard, even clogged gutters! All of this mosquito control occurs with no sprays, instead taking advantage of the unique behavior and biology of the mosquito and using that as tool to defeat mosquitoes in your yard.

To make sure your mosquito program isn't contributing to pesticide drift, or to learn more about the In2Care system, call or text us at (281)607-0297 or email

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