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Did you know these rat facts?

When hearing scratching in the walls or scurrying in the attic, most people recognize they have rats, but may not know why, or how to get rid of them. Knowing common rodent behavior leads to better trapping, which means getting these pests out of your house sooner and finding the best ways to keep them out!

1. Young rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter.

Rodent proofing your home can be a labor intensive endeavor, as even some of the smallest gaps can be enough for a young rat to sneak its way inside. Having quarterly inspections of your home included in your pest control plan can help to notice signs of activity on or around your home like gnawing on eaves or greasy rub marks around frequent entry points.

2. Rats memorize the floor plan of their habitats.

When a rat first finds a new home, often an attic or under an outdoor deck, they will take some time to walk along the edges of the area and note obstacles that they can use as landmarks later. This habit is what allows rats to move so nimbly in dark areas, not their vision!

3. Rats have a VERY variable diet.

When traps are set, it can often take a few different baits in order to coax out a rodent. Because they tend to get used to the food near their nest and habitat, it can be sometimes yield better results to bait traps with food commonly found in your home. Dog foods are frequently found and enjoyed by rats, so finding this food nearer to their nest may be a treat too good to resist!

The first step in solving any pest problem is gathering information and rats are no different. If you find yourself overwhelmed dealing with pests in your home (big or small) please give us a call or text at 281-607-0297 to set up an appointment for a FREE evaluation!

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