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The Importance of Bees

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

When headlines hit the news "Bees at historic lows" our minds start racing to images of honeybees and hives, we worry about our all our crops pollinated by commercial beekeepers, but all too often we forget the many bee-hind the scenes. Solitary bees rarely find the spotlight, but are often the ones most impacted by careless pest control techniques and are the real subjects being referred to when you see headlines exclaiming the endangerment of a bee species. Up to 90% of our Texas bees are solitary bees, and because these species build their nests without any outside help, they do not have the aggression and defensiveness that many social species like honey bees may posses near their nests. From the ubiquitous bumblebee to the tiny and glimmering sweat bees, these solitary homebuilders are responsible for a substantial amount of agricultural and local pollination, but without the protective benefits of commercial beekeeping. Make sure to choose a pest control company who is not only aware of these critical members of our ecosystem, but also works to prevent misapplications of insecticides and reduces risks to these and other beneficial insects.

#entosmart #buglife #bees #pollinators

#EntoSmart #Bees #Pollinators

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