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  • Kyle Brundage

A Cost-Effective Mosquito Approach

In2Care Mosquito Pest Control with EntoSmart
Unobtrusive and effective, the innovative In2Care Trap reduces mosquitoes in your yard by sterilizing mosquito breeding habitats

While we've spent a lot of time talking about the environmentally-friendly benefits to the In2Care mosquito system we offer, we haven't spent as much time talking about how inexpensive it is compared to other common options.

In our mosquito-rich environment, lots of people gain interest in installing mosquito misting systems on their homes, and quickly get sticker shock when they realize the costs associated with it. Not only are these misting systems non-targeted, but they also require an upfront installation cost typically starting around $2000, followed by maintenance and refill fees in the hundreds of dollars each quarter. Also, once installed the system becomes a permanent feature of your home, and you cannot simply take it with you when you move to a new home in the area.

Our services with the In2Care Mosquito Trap starts at just $60 each month during the mosquito season, a price often less expensive than local fogging services, and has no additional "installation fee" like our competitors. In2Care is a temporary placement, and can be moved as needed to make way for landscaping changes, outdoor renovations, and we can even transfer them to a new home! The In2Care trap also works by culling mosquito populations at the source, their breeding grounds, instead of relying on droplets of insecticide to make contact with flying mosquitoes. This means less mosquitoes in your yard with less risk to helpful pollinators and the end result of a more enjoyable, safer, family backyard experience.

To learn more about the In2Care system and the unique benefits it provides, give us a call or text at (281)607-0297 or email me directly at

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