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Your lawn is the face of your home, why let it get full of unsightly and painful fire ants?  We use industry-leading treatments designed for year-round protection to eliminate existing pests and keep your yard fire ant free to give you the confidence to enjoy your yard without worrying about painful stings.   

Worried about fleas?  We offer both preventative and remedial flea and tick treatments that will keep bloodsuckers at bay, and reduce exposure to the diseases these pests carry.

We focus on the use of granule based delivery methods that water into the soil, leaving lasting results that you don't have to worry about washing away when you run your irrigation systems or during the rainy season through spring when most insects flourish.  Granular insecticides can also reduce risk to pollinator species, due to allowing for more precise application to terrestrial target areas.  For more info please contact us below!

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