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Home and Lawn


Texans are no strangers to many-legged creepy crawlies, but most of us would rather not have them in or around our homes.  If unwanted house guests are bugging you, we offer service plans to maintain a strong barrier of protection that keeps pests out of your home.

Termite Treatments


With recent record-setting rainfall following Harvey, many Texas homes now have ample conducive conditions for termite infestations and the damage comes with them.  We offer both bait-based services and liquid barrier treatments to eliminate termites and prevent reinfestation.


Mosquitoes don't have to force you out of the yard every spring and summer.  We offer several options based on your unique needs to keep pesky bloodsuckers out and bring back the warm summer nights and backyard barbecues.

Home & Yard Services

Termite Protection

Mosquito Suppression

Family Owned and Operated


We are a locally owned and operated business. Our family has lived in The Woodlands for over 25 years.  Our business approach is simple - be reliable and responsible


That means you can rely on us to provide quality service and be there when we say we will.  It also means we will protect you by controlling pests but doing so in an environmentally responsible way.  Our approach to Integrated Pest Management significantly reduces the amount of pesticides used while controlling pests.



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